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Powder River Volleyball Club

We believe this program can be a positive learning experience for its participants.  

We will attempt to teach our athletes how important it is to “Make a Commitment to Excel.”  

True success cannot be measured in win/loss records, but rather in doing the most with what you have.

Learning to do your best is a very important lesson not only on the volleyball court, but also in an athlete’s outside endeavor.  

We have high expectations for all the athletes in our program and expect them to be responsible for their actions. 

The concept of being a “Team” will be strongly stressed. As coaches, we will attempt to do what is best for the team. 

 All actions taken will be for the good of the total club program.  

Our responsibility is not only to try and make each individual the best volleyball player that she can be but also to develop the best team we can possibly be. 

We will strive to have a positive program and hope that our positive attitudes, enthusiasm, and love for the game will be contagious.

Check for seeding and pools for Wyoming Tournaments. They are subject to change so keep an eye on them!


Apparel will be available from T-Shirt Guy - (307) 363-4322

Contact Us - PRVC Board Members

Jessica Walker

Phone: 307-689-6751

Brittany Petersen

Phone: 307-399-2935

Michele Bayles

Phone: 541-619-2717

Jess Cale

Phone: 307-299-0520

Stacey Hastreiter

Phone: 307-689-6227

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